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We fight for diversity and yet we dislike diversity of thought

We fight for diversity and yet we dislike diversity of thought.

We shout and scream, type, hashtag, CANCEL. All without the intention to take real action or put in the work to make real change.

We've lost the beauty of curiosity. We don't ask questions anymore, for we are afraid to offend. Instead we try to use politically correct phrases, not knowing that the offence is much greater now, than ever before.

Today, I write this from a place of anxiety as I am forced into the same box that I broke free from. Today I am no longer Reena. Instead, first and foremost, I am seen as a 'person of colour' POC, or a 'she' before asking about the true me.

So today, I fight to just be. I encourage you to ask me questions, be curious, presume, be wrong and allow me to educate you politely. I will show you who I am. I will share my opinions and listen to yours. I will tell you about my history, my ancestors, their stories of fear and freedom.

Today, I will make little Reen Bean proud as I fight my fight to just be me.

Photo credit: Mike Burnage


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