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Time moves in all directions at 33 minutes past 3 in the morning.

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I've been up since 2am, and now it's 5:46.

I've been having a full blown one-sided argument with someone, playing out all the different scenarios in my head. Pre-empting all of their responses and fighting back with a killer defence. I've even felt all of the consequential emotions that come with each scenario.

It feels like I've only been doing this for 20 minutes, but every time I look at the time on my phone, an entire hour has gone by. I even have time to applaud myself for catching my clock at 03:33am.

But what has perplexed me right now is the concept of 'time' — how it has moved so quickly, and yet hours have passed. What actually feels like 20 minutes has been 4 hours. And as for the mental battle I am having with this individual in my head, this actually hasn't, isn't or ever will happen in 'time'.

And now it is 5:58am, but when I press 'publish' it'll probably be 6:08am — and yet I have full control to change the publishing time of this post. Now it seems as though 'time' is a construct that I control, so I have decided that I will publish this at 3:33am.

Because time moves in all directions at 33 minutes past 3 in the morning.


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