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Never seen

Some people live every day seeking little tiny puzzle pieces that make up who they are.

I know exactly who I am, but I am embarrassed of her.

I know my name is Reena, and I know what Reena likes — yet she still doesn't know how to describe herself because Reena feels like everything, and yet she thinks she is nothing.

Reena doesn't fit in one box, but this society makes you do that.

Now, I'm 28 and I'm finally starting to speak, but people think I'm being silly or they just don't believe me.

Because all they see is this shiny veneer — brown and curvy.

Well dressed. Put together. Sexy. Hot. A token fuck.

Never beautiful. Never pretty. Never smart. Never interesting. Never hurting. Never seen.

I thought, if I couldn't beat them, I could join them.

So I embraced the confident and seductive woman that people wanted. I pushed the lost Reena away, though I knew she was still there. I could feel her in every step.

But this year has rattled me, beaten me black and blue, shaken me about.

And in doing so, it seems as though the lost misfit, Reena, has found her way back out.

Out from the maze of the mind, Reena has now seen day light, and she wants more.

She's going to have to learn the ways of the world for the first time.

But that's okay, because now is her time to shine.


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