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Autumn is here, and so am I

To the season where days are shorter,

Nights are darker,

Leaves burn red and gold,

And flowers trap themselves in icy gems.

Autumn is here, and isn't she just so beautiful.

— — —

When I was younger, I disliked the colder months. Every year, as the summer days shortened, so did my smile. I waited eagerly for the winter to pass and for temperatures to reach double digits again.

It's only now I realise that every year, I was wishing away a precious 6 months that I wouldn't get back. In those six months, I was no longer present—I focussed so hard on the next summer day that I didn't treasure the gifts of 'today'.

But, today I think, there is no more time to waste, and so I welcome the Autumn season and wintery winds. Autumn is here, and so am I.


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