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A second wave

I'm extremely scared about the potential of a second lock-down.

The first time round, I was pretty distracted — I was able to spend it with someone new, and all was fine. But this time, it feel like I'll have to do it alone — I know my family are here in the house, and zoom and phones exist, but I genuinely know that I won't be able to cope under strict lock-down measures this time.

Especially with ministers encouraging people to "Snitch on your neighbours to police if they break the rule of 6".

In the last three months mental health has taken a turn for the worse — I've never really had to deal with this, so it's already really difficult. Things that have saved me; have been getting out into nature, finally seeing and speaking to my family and friends face-to-face about my mental health, tight hugs, getting tattooed and Ecstatic Dance.

If these all have to come to a halt, I don't think I'd make it to be fair.


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