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I’m Reena

Status: surviving 

I dislike writing these 'about' sections (not an appropriate way to start but it was the first thing that came to mind).

I've always found it hard explaining who I am. Often people start by giving themselves a job title—Account Director—but I'm not my job. Or they identify themselves with a passion—gig go-er—but I have so many passions. Sometimes it's even appropriate for them to describe their marital status and family setup—in a relationship, mother of 0—but, just no. 

That's just it—I'm Reena and I have so much to say but I have never been able to use my words to express what needs to be said, I am however, very good at telling people what they want to hear. 


This has become a bit of a problem for me—as you may have noticed, I've had to start this blog — because it's become apparent that people are extremely comfortable with the veneer of who Reena is, but when it comes to talking about what is beneath this carefully decorated Venetian mask, discomfort makes me quickly put the mask back on—and fastened even tighter than before. 

So I am starting this as a platform to speak more truthfully—first in the digital realm—with the hope that it will enable me to be more authentic with my words in the real-world.

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